Here is what this Colorado College student house looks like when completely empty. Most student residents will never see this, because there is almost always furniture and decorations carried over from one year's group to the next years group. We encourage incoming residents to coordinate with exiting residents to make sure that things they WANT stay, and things they DON'T WANT get removed. Our cleaning crew comes in during the transition time to help with the removal and clean the house. Colorada College students love the feel of this house. It is surrounded by non-student neighbors, so some heavy duty party people pass it by.

This room tends to the a central work area. It sits between teh kitchen ( the doorway shown here), the house's main entrance ( front door), and the wood panel lined room shown below. That room is often the closest thing to a "living room". Other years it is used as a bedroom. Most students set up one room for computers and home work. This room is often picked. TVs and relaxing chairs and couches tend to go into smaller rooms.

This room is usually a living room, but sometimes in competition for a Great Bedroom, it gets grabbed by a resident.

This is a very nice kitchen. Its large, with a good amount of storage. It seems to be it could you more counter top space, but then I have seen the room with wall to wall young people standing to "watch the pot boil". On those evenings, even an inch more counter space to be too much.

A new stove replaced this 100 year old antique. We are still looking for a collector who would love to take it off our hands. It still work, but has a few problems.

This house has many nice windows and closely tailored enterior walls hugging the roof line.

We have added a wrap around showed curtain over this old "claw foot" tub. Note the sky light

over the toilet. It makes the room feel very bright and inviting.

This is an upstairs landing area that is sometimes a work space, sometimes a living room. Several bedrooms and a bath room are reached through this space.

This house is about 3 blocks from the Colorado College campus, so its certianly off campus. It has room to park one car in a driveway, one in an off-street parking spot, and MANY cars on the two streets beside the house. Colorado College students make good residents. The ladies who manage our houses grew up in the CC neighbhor. One of the sisters married a CC senior. He is now an alum with grown kids and grandkids, and investments in CC student housing.