Please give us as much information as you can.  This is a formal business process, so you may be asked for more information than you are  comfortable sharing online.  Skip that item.  We can get it later if we need it.   Skip stuff you don’t know too. We would rather get an 80% complete application than none at all. 

  Since we rent houses to groups of people,  we need someone in the group who  knows all of the members and is able to provide to us names and email addresses or group members.

If you have technical trouble, please call Gary 719-659-5075 for help.

Important Information:

  • Security Deposit $3,000 – this is NOT applied to your last months rent!
  • The unit is not “reserved” until the applications are approved and the security deposit is received. The leases will be issued and must be signed and returned before the house is “yours”
  • A “hold this house for me” deposit of $200 is required when I approve your application and before  the lease is issued for signature. This will be applied toward your security deposit.
  • All paperwork needs to be completed within 3 days.