Corona House Oct 17-2016 v1

A bright fall day at the Corona house near Colorado College. One college students bike can been seen locked to the porch rail. Some students walk the short "off campus" distance to the college. Lots ride bikes, and a few drive cars to get a block or two closer. These photos are of the house as it is occupied TODAY, in October of 2016. Please don't judge the current resident's treasures, art work. and cleaning style. If you would rather see pristine photos of an empty house, click here.

The leaves on the vine covering the front fence have turned a bright purple from the first fall freeze.

But the grass and bushes are still green, and the porch is open for homework or chatting.

And a hammock has taken up residence between two trees in the back yard.

A large living room has found use as a common work area with several laptops appearing around the table. The front entrence to the house is to the right, the double door passageway leads to another living room area, or sometimes a bedroom.

This is an upstairs living area that allows access to all the bedrooms.

Several of the bedrooms in this house are very big.

A quiet and darker bedroom in a basement room.

One of several nice windows in a bedroom. Mini-Blinds are there to close out the light.

Too many Shelves in this hallway to bedroom. Are "too many shelves" even Possible.

Laundry Room without judgement. And EVERY thing does not have to be carried up to your room Immediately.!!